Shared Leadership 

Strategic Planning Document: A document to support the transformation of your school's Mission, Vision, and Values into specific goals with supporting resources. Contains both a template and an example.

Leadership Hub Template and Example:  The primary document to promote  proactive leadership planning, organize leadership tasks, allow your leadership team to dialogue offline, and ensure efficiency during leadership meetings.   

Leadership Meeting Template and Example:  This agenda grounds the team in values, sets tasks and promotes systematic communication while keeping the leadership team organized.

Staff Newsletter Template and Example: Weekly format for ensuring transparency and effective communication. 

Sample Norms: Adapted Norms of Collaboration 

Leadership Planning Template and Example: Document for organizing and planning leadership initiatives. 

Data Teams

Formative Data Team Meeting Template and Example: The Formative Data Team Meeting Template identifies the questions and records the actions steps that are the basis of data team conversations. The video above, "Detailed Explanation of Formative Data Process" provides an in-depth explanation of this template. 

Teacher Empowerment

Leadership Planning Template and Example: Document for organizing and planning leadership initiatives. 

For more possible resources see the Shared Leadership section above.


Culture Visioning Template and Example: The backbone of any great school culture is a great plan. This document helps to organize a school's vision and help turn it into a concrete plan.

Behavior Meeting Agenda Template and Example: The simplest and most powerful move a school can make for behavior is to have the staff that regularly deal with tier-2 and tier-3 behaviors meet to plan the proactive moves they will implement and the response plan for specific students. 

Behavior Plan Template and Example: We have taken the traditional Behavior Intervention Plan and simplified it to a quick form that gets to the root cause of the concern and identifies a plan of response. We use a single google sheet for the school with different tabs so various stakeholders that all interact with the student are in the know. 


School Staff Meeting Agenda Example

Community Newsletter Template

Community Newsletter Example

Staff Manual: Table of Contents Example

Staff Manual: Page Example

DGS Calendar Example

DGS Schedule Example

Leadership Caseloads

EfS Standards

DPS Behavior Plan Template