Three years ago, our standardized scores pointed directly to an opportunity gap that needed to be addressed. In response, The Denver Green School, made equity our school priority and have devoted significant time, energy and resources to address this critical issue. Our process has included looking at our biases as a staff, doubling down on relationships with our students and their families and developing partnerships with community organizations. As a result, we are seeing a concrete narrowing of this gap. Though addressing this issue in full will require continued work in the area of equity, we are eager to share the strategies that are proving effective.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

In all my years of being in education, I have participated in many conversations about how to close the opportunity gap. It wasn’t until I started working at DGS that the conversation turned from talk to action. Within three years of making this a school priority, we are starting to see the gap closing in. Our PARCC outcomes certainly show this, but you can also feel it in our school community. Our relationships with kids, our community partnerships, and the ways we look at our data have all evolved into a more authentic and impactful dynamic.
— Erin Miller, SPED Teacher, Denver Green School

Our Equity Panel is a great in-depth conversation focused on Closing the Opportunity Gap. It also makes for a turn-key professional development at your school.