Horizontal Education is the consulting wing born from the ideas and systems of the Denver Green School.  As a result, this entity is controlled by the partnership of the Denver Green School, our leadership team. A foundational objective of our school is to become a 'beacon' in education.

Horizontal Education is this beacon.

Our goal is to simply share ideas in education, horizontally, from teacher to teacher, leader to leader and school to school. We are proud of the ideas and systems in our school, and we can point to data that demonstrates their effectiveness. We are not here to persuade others that we have the only ideas, merely to begin a platform where ideas are shared. 


Considerations & Acknowledgments

Sharing ideas vs. research-based publications: Horizontal Education realizes that by sharing ideas and systems we are stepping into a world traditionally operated by research institutions or publication companies. We know we are certainly neither of these, and therefore we step into this world with a simple vision: education benefits from schools sharing what works for them. We have developed much of what we are sharing. However, like any good organization, we have borrowed from others' ideas and acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of giants. 

Denver Public Schools: Horizontal Education was born from educators at the Denver Green School, therefore we are also born from Denver Public Schools. There is no way we could be on the forefront of education without working for such an innovative district that truly puts students first. We proudly send our children to Denver Public Schools, we proudly serve students of Denver Public Schools and we proudly play for Team DPS.  We are moving into this space not because our ideas are any better, they are not. We do this because we believe all stakeholders benefit when ideas flow freely between schools. 

Innovation and the Learning Luminary Network: This endeavor, Horizontal Education, is really the inevitable construction of a sharing and idea wing of ideas born in the Denver Green School. With this in mind, we owe this entire website and this platform to the autonomy and the support we have received from Denver Public Schools and the Learning Luminary Network. DPS has been a pioneer in school innovation, constantly pushing education to do whatever is necessary to serve students. DPS has provided the vision, the support and the autonomy for schools such as the Denver Green School to truly grow our ideas. The Learning Luminary Network has taken this autonomy to heights not enjoyed by most district schools. The board of the LLN and the goals laid out by it provided the space to be bold, take risks and push the envelope. There is no way we would have taken this step were it not for those that paved the way for the LLN and innovation within DPS. To both DPS and the LLN, we offer a sincere thank you!